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Current Events and General Client Memos

Information Needed To Do An Estate Plan
Before an estate planning package can be completed, you must provide the following information.

Information Needed To Do A Simple Probate Or Estate Settlement
The information needed to complete a probate varies, depending on the complexity of the Estate and the Estate Plan, and whether the Estate will be required to file a Federal Estate Tax Return.

Information Needed To Do An Estate Settlement Or Probate When Federal Estate Tax Return (Form 706) Is Required
Includes a list of the information we will need to complete a more complex estate settlement.

Information Regarding Homeowners And Auto Insurance For Clients Using A Living Trust
I have found that often your home and car agents do not know how to structure your insurance once you have a living trust. This information was taken from an internal memo from one insurance company to its agents.

Differences Between the Various Personal Representative Roles
Remember, the number one qualification for all Fiduciaries  you appoint is Trustworthiness.

Income Tax Filing for a Recent Widow(er)
You may still file joint return the first year...

Do You have to Pay Income Tax on Social Security?
Well, it depends on filing status, and amount of other income.

Rules on Rental Income for Medicaid Patients
If you rent out the home, be careful how you do it.

What Is The Cost Of A Simple Corporation?
Generally you will need to arrange for an initial consultation to discuss the options available to you in forming a new business entity.

What Is "Standard" Child Support In Texas?
The Texas Family Code sets guidelines for child support.

Impact Of Estate Tax Reform
As the dust settles on the estate tax reform bill passed in 2001, the only thing that is now certain is uncertainty.