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Our Standard Office Procedures (FAQs)

Office Hours:

Our general office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; however, we see clients by appointment only, as the hours for each attorney may vary. Ms. Caton generally sees clients Tuesday through Thursday afternoons. We generally do not meet with prospective new clients on weekends, holidays, or after hours. The best way to make an appointment is to call us at (972) 562-0777.

Charge for Consultations:

We do charge for the initial consultation. Ms. Caton charges a minimum of $400 (1 hour) for an initial consultation related to probate, estate planning or a business matter. How long the consultation lasts depends on the questions you ask, how well prepared you are, and how complicated your situation is. You may download information forms to organize your facts prior to that first meeting by linking to our forms page.

Under unusual circumstances we will agree to an initial consultation by telephone. Unusual circumstances would include consulting with someone who lives far away from Collin County, but has a connection to a matter to be handled in Collin County. In these circumstances, we take payment in advance for the initial consultation, and then you begin the consultation at the scheduled time by initiating the telephone call.

Charges for Services:

Ms. Caton sets fees and retainers based on your unique situation. A member of our office staff cannot tell you in advance what the cost of a project would be. In certain circumstances they can advise you of our minimum fees, but again every situation is unique. Typically the consultation is an opportunity for the attorney to learn about your situation and advise you on your options. After that consultation your attorney will advise you of an estimated cost or a base fee for further work, or quote you a retainer fee if the extent of the work cannot be estimated. In contested or highly emotional litigation matters, it is sometimes impossible to tell in advance whether the matter will settle quickly or escalate. You can decide at that point whether to engage the attorney to do that additional work.

Payment Plans:

Standard Estate Planning and Probate services are generally quoted as a "base fee" to be paid in two equal installments, at the beginning and at the end of the project. Most projects of this nature require no adjustments to the base fee. In some cases, additional attorney consultation time, changes in the course of the project, and unusual or complex distributional issues can add the cost. Estate Settlement and Administration matters may require a retainer with hourly billing if it will be difficult to estimate the extent of the work needed in advance.

Simple Wills and related documents are done on a flat fee basis, payable in advance, and can usually be done with only one office visit if sufficient instructions are provided in advance.

Business formation generally requires an initial consultation to determine the most appropriate type of business entity for your situation. The cost of forming the entity and any related transactional work is then quoted as a base fee, if at all possible, and is payable in two installments, the last being due when the documentation is executed.

The attorney will evaluate all of the facts before quoting a fee based on the complexity and time requirements for your case. Our staff is not qualified to quote fees, and pressuring employees for cost estimates will only result in confusion. Until an attorney analyzes the issues involved in your particular case, we can not estimate costs for you.

Credit Cards:

We accept the following major credit cards:

Discover * Master Card * VISA

Personal Injury and Other Damage Claims:

The firm considers a select number of personal injury or other damage claims each year. We have relationships with other attorneys in the metroplex who are specialized in various types of damage cases and are respected in their fields. These specialists are often outside of Collin County. Typically we affiliate appropriate specialists, and work with them as your general counsel. Our involvement is paid by a small percentage of the appropriate contingency fee. The affiliated attorney generally does the bulk of the work, while we remain available on a local level to guide you through the process.

Simple Wills and Related Documents:

Clients who do not desire to use living trusts, those who have standard family arrangements and a traditional plan for disposing of assets (spouse, then children), and those who do not have taxable estates (joint estates under $1 million, including all life insurance), sometimes need an inexpensive, basic estate plan composed only of wills, financial powers of attorney and health care documents. We have found many problems with the pre-fab forms in the marketplace today, so we have tried to streamline our system to provide you with good quality documentation at an economical price. If you are certain that you do not need more sophisticated planning, you can download our Simple Will Information Form, call the office to work out any details over the phone, return the package to us, and then schedule one visit to finalize the documents.